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Sound Data

MeSH ID: D013016

A type of non-ionizing radiation in which energy is transmitted through solid, liquid, or gas as compression waves. Sound (acoustic or sonic) radiation with frequencies above the audible range is classified as ultrasonic. Sound radiation below the audible range is classified as infrasonic.

Best practice for sharing this type of data:
Digital audio files should be saved as Free Lossless Audio Codec files (FLAC), or as Broadcast WAVE Audio File Format [BWF or BWAV] with uncompressed linear pulse-code modulation (PCM) saved at 96 or 48 kHz/24 bits.

Most suitable repositories:
Many different repositories host sound data; some are country and field specific while others are more general, detailed here.

Best practice for indicating re-use of existing data:
For public datasets please provide a DOI or other stable identified for the dataset itself *and* include a citation for the dataset in the reference list. Be sure to indicate exactly which data has been re-used, particularly when multiple versions of the dataset exist. In many cases, this is best achieved by sharing the code used to extract the part of the data that you analyzed. In some cases it may be best to share the exact dataset(s) you analyzed as well.

For access-controlled data authors should provide a link to instructions for obtaining access (e.g. here is the information page for ADNI (Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative):

When re-using a private dataset from a previous study please contact the data owners to discuss how the data can be made public.

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