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Protocol- Published Protocol

MeSH ID: D000078325

Referencing someone else's published methods or instructions for lab experiments. Appropriate references can include existing protocols on, established and accepted Methods articles, and other published works.

Best practice for indicating re-use of existing data:
For public datasets please provide a DOI or other stable identified for the protocol itself *and* include a citation for the protocol in the reference list. Be sure to indicate exactly which methods have been re-used, particularly when multiple versions of the protocol exist. In many cases, this is best achieved by sharing the code used to extract the part of the data that you analyzed. In some cases it may be best to share the exact dataset(s) you analyzed as well.

For access-controlled protocols authors should provide a link to instructions for obtaining access.

Most suitable repositories:
Not applicable

If the protocol in question was re-used, but from a set of established or provided Instructions, then Manufacturer Instructions has more appropriate citation instructions.

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