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 +===== Protocol- Manufacturer Instructions =====
 +**MeSH ID:** n/a\\
 +**Description:​**\\ ​
 +The provided/​included instructions given by the manufacturer of the product. Manufacturer'​s Instructions include steps, quantities, volumes, and other specific parameters for using a product. Common Manufacturer'​s Instructions Protocols include sections referring to using specific kits or tools.\\
 +**Best practice for citing Manufacturer'​s Instructions:​**\\
 +Referring to the Manufacturer and name of the kit is a sufficient citation, but including any identifiers or catalog numbers contribute to the reproducibility of the article.\\
 +If article section is referring to published or written works, [[https://​​doku.php?​id=data_type:​protocol:​re_use_protocol|Re Use Protocol]] has more appropriate citation instructions.\\
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