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Code is the symbolic arrangement of data or instructions in a computer program or the set of such instructions.

Best practice for sharing this type of data:
Provide the code along with all input files the code calls on.

Most suitable repositories:
Code may be added to repositories such as Code Ocean, Astrophysics Source Code Library, DataverseNO, ModelDB, RunMyCode, GitHub, and Comprehensive R Archive Network.

Best practice for indicating re-use of existing data:
Re-use of code should be treated with the same importance as any other dataset, book, or journal article in terms of citation (ie. it should be included in the reference list, not to be excluded or separated from the metadata of the cited works). Credit should be given to all contributors of the code. Provide a unique identifier that is machine actionable and recognized by the relevant community of experts or general public researchers. This unique identifier along with the metadata describing the code should persist even beyond the lifespan of said code. Citation of the code should be accessible to anyone who wants informed use, including any associated metadata, documentation, data, or other relevant materials. This citation should provide access to the specific version of code that was used, using revision numbers, version numbers, or variants such as platforms.

Most suitable repositories:
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