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Morphological Data


Morphological data are physical characteristics of an organism or object that can be observed and assessed or measured. They may be quantitative (e.g., number of petals or length of a particular bone) or qualitative (e.g., eye color or shape of leaf) in nature.

Best practice for sharing this type of data:

Most suitable repositories:
MorphoBank is an open access repository for morphological data matrices used for reconstructing phylogenetic trees.

Best practice for indicating re-use of existing data:
For public datasets please provide a DOI or other stable identifier for the dataset itself *and* include a citation for the dataset in the reference list. Be sure to indicate exactly which data has been re-used, particularly when multiple versions of the dataset exist. In many cases, this is best achieved by sharing the code used to extract the part of the data that you analyzed. In some cases it may be best to share the exact dataset(s) you analyzed as well.

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